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100-Mile Trek in the Scottish Highlands

They said we’d starve being vegan in southern Germany. They said we’d starve being vegan in Rwanda. They said we’d starve in the Highlands. They were wrong, and we lived to tell about it. Join me on our latest excursion — this time on a 100-mile trek from Glasgow to Fort William (and a train ride to Edinburgh). I take you with us from how to pack for such a trip, what my favorite vegan hiking shoes are, what company to use to book with, how to prepare for eating while you’re walking 15 miles a day, and how often to stop for whisky. Complete with recommendations, resources, and restaurants. 

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  • Mariah Dunn

    I’m listening Colleen! Had to come to the page to see pictures. Thanks for sharing in so much detail. Look forward to the next episode. Thanks!

  • Shelly

    Hello Colleen! I absolutely loved listening to this podcast! Could you tell me what style and brand your hiking boots are? I tried to rewind but I can’t seem to find the part where you talk about it, and I don’t see it in the notes. Thanks so much for all you do!

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