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Animalogy: Our Animal-Related Words and Phrases

Today’s Food for Thought episode is all about Animalogy, whose timing could not be more perfect not only because of the urgency of the need to transform our negative perception and ill treatment of nonhuman animals but also because we are living in a time when we are all called upon to be linguistically sensitive to vulnerable and disenfranchised groups. And perhaps no group is left out of our consideration more than the nonhuman animals of the world. We are all encouraged to be aware of and mindful about our language when it comes to those who don’t look, emote, or sound like we do. Animalogy shows what it would look like to accord that same respect to nonhuman animals — not because it changes them but because it changes us. Take a listen.

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  • Macarrilla

    I am just listening to this episode, thank you very much btw, and it just occurred to me that the Clean Meat, or Humane Meat, could also be called Selfless Meat since there isn’t a self behind it being harmed, while also making the consumer feel good for not just thinking about themselves in their choice. As I write this I also hear Paul Shapiro using the word, so it may not be a bad idea 😊. Anyway, just didn’t want to forget about it, I am also very interested in words and their effective use. One thing I am not very convinced about though, is actually eating the Clean Meat 😜 but if it helps stop the massacre I am obviously all for it! Again, thanks for the podcast!

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