Visiting the rescued bears at Animals Asia in Vietnam was the highlight of our Vegan Vietnam trip!
Why I'm hopeful even though it's so much cooler to be pessimistic.
The animals who live among us are part of our communities; they are residents, cohabitants, contributors — not outsiders or intruders.
Remarkably, we throw away up to 40% of the perfectly edible food we bring into our homes! Here's how to change that!
For an afternoon tea party, I had to make my favorite strawberry bruschetta with cashew cream!
Some zero-waste switches have been easy peasy. Some have had me in a panic: like finding plastic-free hair products!
I'm so honored to be on this list of Eco-Friendly Influencers!
The movement toward banning “meat,” “milk,” and other descriptors from plant-based versions simply demonstrates how threatened companies and governments are by the success of these products.
I've had so many eye-opening moments since starting this Zero Waste journey — the biggest so far having to do with food waste.
I can't believe it's been 8 years since I sold a book to a publisher, and just having done so again just means so much.
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