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Clean Meat: Slaughter-Free and Sustainable

Despite the fact that animal agriculture is wreaking havoc in every way imaginable, meat consumption is on the rise. Of course, people can stop eating animal flesh and fluids and choose instead vegetables and plant-based meats and milks, but meat consumption is outpacing the rate at which people are becoming vegetarian and vegan. What if people could have their meat and eat it, too, and not cause the harm inherent in traditional agriculture? Join me today for a discussion about clean meat, the subject and title of Paul Shapiro’s new book, which I’ve dubbed “the best history of the future you’ll ever read.”

(And of course, until cellular agriculture lives up to the hype and hope, there’s always this thing called vegan.)

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  • Dee Sunstrom

    Im so glad i took the time to listen to this discussion on clean meat. I have so many family and friends who really do love animals but for various reasons dont want to be vegan or plant base. Clean meat is a wonderful option for flesh based people . This technology has so many benefits. I will be reading and researching this topic it is interesting and so full of hope. Im open to anything that helps the animals. Thank you for the podcast.

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