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Don’t Get My Goat – I’m Not Kidding

In this episode of Animalogy, we explore the goat-related words and expressions in our everyday language — particularly those formed by the Old English words goat, buck, and kid (such as butcher, “kidding around,” and goatee). You’re going to love it. I kid you not. (Get it?)  

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In This Episode

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau explores the many goat and goat-related words and expressions we use in our everyday language.

  • Old English words goat, buck, and kid build many other words, such as goatee, butcher, and kidding
  • Before “butcher” was borrowed from French, fleshmonger was the Old English term
  • What the term “candy butcher” means
  • (Male goat) buck expressions vs. (male deer) buck expressions
  • Kidnap, kidding, kids, kid leather, kid gloves
  •  Why are people called “Judas goats” and “scapegoats”?

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  • Jean M Harrison

    I loved this podcast – the first animalogy podcast I’ve listened to! Just one small correction for listeners… the term “bucktooth” or “buckteeth” applies primarily to upper front teeth (see Goats (and all ruminants for that matter) cannot have buckteeth as they have no teeth on their upper front jaw, just a hard gum.

    • True that, Jean. Love that you clarified that for visitors. I love accuracy!! For what’s worth, in defense of my little self, I didn’t say goats have protruding upper teeth; I believe I said that the term ‘bucktooth’ means ‘protruding upper front teeth’ (in general), which “might relate to the kicking up of a buck or might even be named for the protruding front teeth of a goat or even of a rabbit…” So, I didn’t say goats have protruding UPPERS, but I can see how it could be confused because of my just-previous reference to upper front teeth. But goats and their friggin’ cuteness, right?? 🙂 And thank you so much for listening, Jean! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! 🙂 xo

      • Jean M Harrison

        Yes, goats and their friggin’ cuteness… they are absolutely the GOAT.

        • Ha! Yes! Let’s make “the GOAT” as prevalent as “the BOMB” to express something awesome. 🙂

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