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Don’t Get My Goat – I’m Not Kidding

In this episode of Animalogy, we explore the goat-related words and expressions in our everyday language — particularly those formed by the Old English words goat, buck, and kid (such as butcher, “kidding around,” and goatee). You’re going to love it. I kid you not. (Get it?)  

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In This Episode

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau explores the many goat and goat-related words and expressions we use in our everyday language.

  • Old English words goat, buck, and kid build many other words, such as goatee, butcher, and kidding
  • Before “butcher” was borrowed from French, fleshmonger was the Old English term
  • What the term “candy butcher” means
  • (Male goat) buck expressions vs. (male deer) buck expressions
  • Kidnap, kidding, kids, kid leather, kid gloves
  •  Why are people called “Judas goats” and “scapegoats”?

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