I love speaking to audiences all around the world. Please contact Danielle Puller for speaking requests. If you’re interested in the CPG Vegan Trips I host, you can see below what we’ve got coming up, but please visit for all the exciting itineraries! 

Fairytale Christmas in France (December 2019)

Imagine celebrating the holiday season with Colleen in a region filled to the brim with quaint Christmas markets in super cute medieval villages nestled in hill-side vineyards with mountains on one side and the Rhine River and Germany on the other, and with Paris thrown in for good measure (because…um…Paris!)

Come enjoy all of this with vegan author and animal advocate Colleen Patrick-Goudreau and some new like-minded friends, all in deluxe & cozy comfort in our very own hotel, and despite being in France, never EVER having to worry about VEGAN FOOD! Visit to learn more!

A Journey to Rwanda (December 2019 – January 2020) New Year’s Eve Celebration!

We sold out of our June / July 2019 trips to Rwanda, so we’ve added another that will be doubly special, because we’ll be ringing in the new year together! Travel with me and 20 like-minded travelers for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to see the gorillas, chimpanzees, and the magnificence of Rwanda. The first trip sold out in 48 hours, so don’t delay in securing your spot! Secure your spot today!

Vegan Thailand Trip (October 2019)

THAILAND conjures up exotic images — from the intoxicating vibe of Bangkok to the tranquility of its tropical beaches and temples, and food, food, delicious food!  Sounds amazing, right? Well, it is!

How about exploring this amazing country in 5-star style along with 20+ new vegan friends, while fully indulging in its world-class cuisine (all vegan of course!) and a plethora of fun and ethical activities. Oh, and of course, visiting with rescued elephants, gibbons, doggies and kitties! Visit to learn more!

Summertime Bliss in Dordogne, France (June 2020)

Not as well known as nearby Provence, but a veritable powerhouse of stunning medieval villages, prehistoric art caves, gorgeous river landscape, hilltop castles and even an elephant sanctuary to boot (!!). We haven’t released it yet, but make sure you’re on the mailing list at to sign up as soon as it goes live.

Classic Provence — Vegan Style (July 2020)

Provence… veganized? Oh yes! One of the most beautiful place in Europe better get ready for some 20+ vegans. We’re planning a great mix of sightseeing, markets, wineries, and a lot of vegan French dishes, from croissants and cheese, all the way to tapenade and naughty pastries! We haven’t released it yet, but make sure you’re on the mailing list at to sign up as soon as it goes live.



Manager of Outpatient Nutrition Services, Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa

"Colleen's arrival to Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa has been long awaited. Colleen was able to reach over 150 members and community participants with her graceful message supporting plant-based diets, but more importantly teaching both groups that it is easier than one thinks if you whole-heartedly choose this lifestyle. Colleen's support of every participant at any stage of change around plant based eating also sent home a message that anyone can do this and move their diet in this direction. Her compassionate, humorous, educational and honest perspective was very well received and appreciated."


Executive Director, Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM)

“Out of hundreds of individual presentations, Colleen’s plenary speech at the Animal Rights National Conference was one of the highest praised of the entire event.”


Professor of Law and Charles Evans Hughes Scholar, Cornell University

"Colleen Patrick-Goudreau is that rare individual who manages to make everyone around her feel safe and comfortable, even as she challenges each of us to take a clear-eyed look at the painful truths that hide in plain sight. She ably inspires audiences to do what we can to make the world a safer place for everyone, human and nonhuman alike. I was very impressed when she spoke to my students at Cornell, as she engaged both their hearts and their minds, speaking her truth in clear and compelling terms while remaining warm, open and fully present for the students’ own perspectives and questions. She is a fresh voice on the horizon, a woman who will awaken our slumbering conscience while providing the support and encouragement needed to succeed. When Colleen talks, people listen!"


Executive Director, Atlanta Veg Fest

"Colleen has such a relatable, clever, and common sense way of approaching an audience that her presentation feels like real-talk with a good friend. Then she breaks out the hard-hitting facts with such a cool confidence that you can practically see people turning vegan in their seats.”


Executive Director, Healthy You Network

"AtExecutive Director, Healthy You Network our event in Tucson, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau confirmed her reputation as a truly engaging speaker who is able to articulate the true meaning of compassion with clarity, humor, and conviction. In a world too full of people whose advocacy for a cause or point of view often comes across as convenient or faddish, Colleen’s passion for the welfare of all sentient beings was evident to everyone in the audience. Her ability to detail the role healthy, responsible nutrition can and must play in improving the lives of all animals, as well as the health of the planet, was deeply appreciated and was rewarded by a standing ovation.”


Executive Director, Compassion Over Killing

"After Colleen spoke at the D.C. VegFest, people continued to mention her and her talk as a highlight that inspired them to change their food choices."


Organizer of the Sacramento Vegan Society

"Colleen Patrick Goudreau is an internationally known author, lecturer and appears on National TV for a good reason. She knows how to change current worldviews by exposing the truth. Knowing her for many years, I have had my own clients make the switch to veganism after hearing just one of her phenomenal talks, which cover animal welfare, plant-based eating and the environmental impact of our food choices. She explains the existing world wide animal holocaust with her common-sense analogies, scientific facts and cultural exposes.”

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