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I’ve been producing my Food for Thought podcast for almost 14 years. Addressing all aspects of living healthfully and compassionately, it is available through iTunes, Stitcher, or Soundcloud, where you can also download the individual mp3 files directly. Subscribe using your favorite player or through the RSS feed.

CPG Vegan Trips creates one-of-a-kind 5-star travel experiences all about abundance, joy, like-minded connections, delicious food, and animal protection.
Listen to today's episode for my perspective on how we can speak up for animals -- online and in person -- without alienating people who are trying to make compassionate choices.
Grown in tropical regions, palm plantations are displacing rainforests, destroying orangutan habitats and wreaking havoc on the ecosystem.
In these real scenarios for many people, what is the right response? The answer isn't to "stop being vegan" because things are complicated.
Join me for a meaty episode that will shake you out of your vegetative state. If you don't want to be a fruit, learn how you can be a beefcake.
Travel with me to Vietnam to enjoy its food, animal protection, and culture.
Tackling food, litter, and toys, here are all the ways I try to lower my cats' eco pawprint!
This episode covers EVERYTHING you need to know about composting!
Zero waste is not about waste diversion. It's about waste prevention. Here's how to reduce food waste in your home.
Listen to Part One of "food waste" to find out how there is nothing Zero Waste about garbage.
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