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How Animals Disappear in Our Language (with Carol Adams)

“Language doesn’t merely have the effect of dehumanizing; it deanimates. It objectifies.” Those are the words of today’s guest: my friend and colleague Carol J. Adams, whose life’s work spans across many disciplines, as you’ll hear, including etymology, linguistics, feminism, and animal advocacy. 

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In This Episode

In conversation, Colleen and Carol J. Adams explore:

  • where the animals go when we eat meat
  • how the word meat has changed over the centuries
  • the effect of “zero plurals” (listen for what the heck that means)
  • the power of words to objectify, diminish, and dismember an individual
  • Alison Strachan

    Hi Colleen, I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU. I was only just referred to you by a friend and I have to say that even though I didn’t have the time in my day to listen to this podcast I listened all the way through. This is a fascinating topic and one that as a writer, I am deeply interested in and passionate about. Thank you for this discussion – the affects on language and culture are ingrained in animal advocacy whether people like it or not. You’ve inspired me to follow this up with an article of my own.

  • B K Manas Sharma

    Truly thought provoking, Thanks a lot. In animalogy I have been listening to connections between words & animals, but in this discussion feminism,veganism & the effect of language on the way we shroud our consciousness about violence towards women & animals was enlightening.

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