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John Oswald – a Scottish Voice for Compassion

John Oswald, born in Edinburgh in the 1700s (the exact date unknown), was a philosopher, a writer, a poet, a social critic, a revolutionary, and an eloquent voice for animals and compassion. Join me as I celebrate The Scottish Voice of Compassion and read excerpts from his essay,”The Cry of Nature: An Appeal to Mercy and Justice on Behalf of the Persecuted Animals.”

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  • Hi Colleen! I know you’re a listener, but I wanted to mention that folk who want to learn more about this era of vegetarian history might enjoy Vegetarianism: The Story So Far & its 11th episode “Enlightenment”. It delves deep into the radical vegetarians of the French revolution, with interviews in Paris with a couple of academics researching the topic.

    Of course, it starts earlier, in India, with both sides of colonialism, and the governor of Calcutta who turned vegetarian and set the intellectual balls rolling in the cafés of Paris.

    • Awesome, Ian, thanks! Will definitely check it out. Thanks so much for your hard work and thorough research!

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