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Know thy message!

Animals are here for their own purposes and not for ours. They do not exist to be our entertainment, food, test subjects, or shooting targets. They have value completely separate from humans. They value their own lives; they value their relationships; they value their own autonomy. We are part of their community, and they are part of ours as residents, as co-inhabitants, as contributors, as members—not as outsiders or intruders.

My message is that we are all animals and that to use violence against nonhuman animals is to perpetuate violence against ourselves as well as against other humans. My message is that we are all connected, human and nonhuman animal alike. We each share the fundamental aspects of eating and drinking, playing and working, fighting and loving, living and breathing, birthing and dying — and we share the desire to experience these things autonomously and freely.

My goal is to shift the paradigm from one of control and oppression and violence to one of connection and compassion.  

One of the elements of being an effective advocate that we’re going to talk about at the 2017 Compassion in Action Conference is: BE CLEAR ABOUT YOUR MESSAGE! Participants will have the opportunity to tease out their own until they know exactly what message they want to convey to the world about protecting animals and living compassionately. I’ve thought about this a lot myself and thought I would share with you my message. So there it is. 

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By the end of the conference, you will be armed with the tools and resources you need to put your compassionate values to work to change the world for animals. We’ll address:

  • How to frame your compassionate values in conversations and social media
  • How to use the democratic system to work on behalf of animals
  • How to be politically engaged — effectively and sustainably
  • How to choose the most effective forms of advocacy for you

If you have the audacity to act on your values of compassion in powerful ways, then join me and dozens of other like-minded men and women who — like you — are committed to living purposefully, boldly, passionately, and compassionately — in a way that is both effective and joyful.

Seats are already filling up, especially with this special deal, so secure your spot today! All the details and registration options are on the official event page, which I encourage you to share with others!


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