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“The Best Trip I Ever Had”

That is exactly what our travelers on the Vegan Thailand Trip with CPG said throughout and at the end of our travels together. I hope you can join us for a journey to the incredibly beautiful country of Vietnam where we will spoil you as we:

*connect with like-minded travelers
*celebrate and support the work being done to save and protect animals in Vietnam
*experience an abundance of the local vegan cuisine
*revel in nature
*immerse ourselves in the Vietnamese culture

We have no plans to offer this trip again, so VISIT CPGTRIPS.COM to secure your spot before it sells out. We’re only hosting ONE TRIP in 2018, and this is it!

With CPG Trips, we’ve created one-of-a-kind travel experiences with a focus on the interests and needs of adventurous and compassionate vegans and their vegan-friendly friends and family members. It’s all about the food, the animals, the wildlife, the sanctuaries, and the small details and experiences that shape life-long memories.

What Are CPG Vegan Trips? WATCH THIS!

Vegan Travel with Colleen Patrick-Goudreau ("Life-Changing")

Paige joined us for our CPG Vegan Trip to Thailand and called it “life-changing.” “You leave with a renewed spirit,” says Paige, “because you’re with people who ‘get you’,” Community, connection, compassion — that’s what these trips are all about, and I’m so thrilled our travelers felt exactly what we set out to do. You can be one of our travelers for our CPG Vegan Trip to Vietnam in 2018! Visit today! 

CPG Vegan Trip to Vietnam

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