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Traveling to Africa: Planning and Preparing for a Dream Trip

Whether you’re interested in a visit to Africa or not, check out this episode that not only provides details about traveling to Rwanda to see the mountain gorillas and Botswana to go on a safari but also offers thoughts on how we need to think about wild places. I also offer tips for using airline miles (rather than dollars) to fly and how to avoid long security and customs lines.

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  • David Carson

    I urge everyone to consider that the anthropogenic mass extinction event that’s harming the biosphere and all animals is caused by consumer capitalism and the technoindustrial grid, not just by humans eating animals and using them in vivisection, entertainment, etc.
    We must restrain our use of polluting machines, and this includes jet airplane and tourism travel.
    In fact, travel and tourism are a huge driver of global warming greenhouse gases, as well as ecological destruction.
    Flying around the world isn’t an environmentally ethical thing to choose.

  • I already listened to this episode!
    I can say that this is the best episode I’ve ever listened to …

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