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Animals and Coronavirus: Poaching and Eating Wild Animals

Join me for this Food for Thought podcast series that examines what the covid-19 / coronavirus virus means for non-human animals and the habits, laws, and policies that affect our treatment of them. The first episode in the series focuses on wild animals who are poached, farmed, and eaten.

The source for the recent coronavirus outbreak that has led to a devastating worldwide pandemic has been linked to a market in mainland China, where wild animals are sold and killed for human consumption. China has said it will permanently ban the consumption of animals, but many questions remain.

🔴Will this virus put an end to the illegal wildlife trade in China and Southeast Asia?
🔴Will the wildlife farms in China reopen once the pandemic is over?
🔴Will this be the end to live animal markets and wet markets where wild and domesticated animals are sold and killed for meat?
🔴Will China close the loopholes (such as exemptions for fur and Traditional Chinese Medicine) that exist in their bans on wildlife poaching and consumption?
🔴Will good come out of this devastation?
🔴Is there anything you can do to help make a difference?

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Issues addressed in this episode

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Illegal Wildlife Trade
  • Poaching
  • Wet Markets
  • Live Animal Markets
  • Bear Bile Farming / Farms
  • Wild Animal Farming 
  • Wildlife Protection Laws in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and other Southeast Asian countries
  • Covid-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Zoonotic Diseases 

Subsequent episodes will address what this pandemic means for animals in:

🔻spectator sports such as bullfighting, dogfighting, horseracing, and rodeos
🔻circuses, marine parks, aquariums, and zoos
🔻the meat, dairy, and egg industries
🔻public and private shelters

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(Leave your comments below if you have any questions or comments! Also, below, I’ve included suggestions for books to read about animals and pandemics / zoonotic diseases as well as organizations to support and other things you can do to help end the illegal wild animal trade, as well as the legal live animal markets and bear bile farms.)

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How You Can Help End the Wildlife Trade, Live Animal Markets, Bear Bile Farms

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