Raise your hand if you have spices and herbs in your kitchen. Great…thanks! (That’s almost everyone!) Now raise your hand again if you have dust collecting on the lids of those cute little...
As Inauguration Day approaches, not everyone is talking about the inauguration of the next U.S. president; some (like me) are talking about the animals hidden within the word itself.
One of my standard soups, this is also a perfect New Year's dish, as the lentils represent prosperity and luck in the coming year!
Whether I'm walking, hiking, cooking, or making tea, I always find time to listen to podcasts. Here are my favorites.
I confess I did not join the sourdough bread trend this year, but I did cook and bake a lot. Here are my biggest accomplishments from 2020.
The movies we watched in 2020 and our absolute favorites!
The books that shaped my thinking in 2020.
Thwarted by fires, smoke, ash, and virus surges, I am grateful I was able to find ways to stay social and safe in 2020.
I don't like the phrase "socially distanced," because we were anything but. More accurately, we were "physically distanced" but remained quite social — albeit online. 
How we talk about animals affects how we treat them — and each other. Watch this TEDx talk that will forever change the way you talk and think about animals.
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