The Joyful Vegan

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Finding plant-based recipes? Easy. Dealing with the social, cultural, and emotional pressures of being vegan? That’s the hard part. Motivated by a desire to eat more healthfully or live more ethically, many people choose veganism as a logical and sensible response to their concerns about animals, the environment, and their health. Yet, despite their positive intentions, they’re often met with resistance from friends, family members, and society at large. These external factors can make veganism socially difficult—and emotionally exhausting—to sustain.

This leads to an unfortunate reality: the majority of vegetarians and vegans revert back to consuming meat, dairy, or eggs—breaching their own values and sabotaging their own goals in the process.

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, known as the “Joyful Vegan,” has guided countless individuals through the process of becoming vegan. Now, in The Joyful Vegan: Staying Vegan in a World That Wants You to Eat Meat, Dairy, and Eggs, she shares her insights into why some people stay vegan and others don’t. Understanding that the food is the easy part of being vegan, Colleen turns her attention to what she believes is the most challenging—dealing with the social, cultural, and emotional aspects: being asked to defend your eating choices, living with the awareness of animal suffering, feeling the pressure (often self-inflicted) to be perfect, and experiencing guilt, remorse, and anger.

In these pages, Colleen shares her wisdom for navigating and overcoming these challenges and arms readers with solutions and strategies for staying confident with family and friends, creating healthy relationships, communicating effectively, sharing enthusiasm without evangelizing, finding like-minded community, and experiencing peace of mind as a vegan in a non-vegan world.

By implementing the tools provided in this book, you will find you can live ethically, eat healthfully, engage socially—and remain a joyful vegan.

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What the experts are saying about The Joyful Vegan

Gene Baur

President and cofounder of Farm Sanctuary

“Colleen Patrick-Goudreau has a unique ability to communicate with conviction and moral clarity while also acknowledging the gray areas of ethical living. With The Joyful Vegan, she gives voice to the universal challenges vegans face while empowering us with exactly what we need to overcome them. This book is a game-changer for new and veteran vegans alike.”

Kathy Freston

NY Times bestselling author

“This book is essential reading for anyone who has ever thought they had to choose between living ethically, eating healthfully, and engaging socially. The Joyful Vegan normalizes a compassionate way of living and empowers readers to embrace their values with confidence and joy.”

Senator Cory Booker

U.S. senator, author

“The Joyful Vegan resonates deeply with me. Colleen Patrick-Goudreau identifies exactly what we need more of in our interactions with one another: greater empathy, understanding, and respect for our common humanity.”

Victoria Moran

Author of Main Street Vegan

"In this engaging page-turner, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau draws you into her world of compassion in order to make your world better. Her skill as a writer, her purity as an observer, and her ability to make being vegan both profound and joyful will prompt you to follow her guidance and insight — whether you've been vegan for a day or for a lifetime."

Bruce Friedrich

Executive Director of the Good Food Institute

“With keen insights into our cultural norms and social customs, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau cements veganism and plant-based living as legitimate, healthful, and pleasurable.”

Kristie Middleton

author of MeatLess

“Millions of people are going vegan. But how and why are they staying vegan? In The Joyful Vegan, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau examines this and more, sharing insights and tips for anyone jumping into — or considering — a vegan lifestyle. This thought-provoking and encouraging book is a must-have for anyone who aspires to go vegan and wants to stay vegan.”

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