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National Speakers Discuss Plant-Based Diets (AZ Daily Sun Article)

Read the Arizona Daily Sun article about the awesome turn out for the Sedona VegFest, which featured Colleen as well as dietitians, chefs, and other experts in the vegan health field.


“Humans are creatures of habit. We establish routines in our daily lives and generally stick to them.

We’re told by TV commercials and celebrities that in order to grow up strong and be strong, we need calcium. Not just any calcium though, but calcium that comes from milk, cheese and yogurt. We’re told familiar adages: “Got milk?” and “Eat 3-a-day of milk, cheese and yogurt for healthy bones.” Yet, calcium is a mineral absorbed by plants as they grow out of the earth. In other words, it doesn’t occur naturally in animals. So why do we go to animals for this nutrient?

This is one of the arguments made by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau in her lecture, “Debunking the Myths and Celebrating the Benefits of Vegan Living,” at the 2018 Sedona VegFest last weekend.

“We’re told we have to go through the animal to get the nutrients that the animal got because they ate plants,” she said. “We live in a world that, in many ways, embraces animal exploitation and abuse and looks upon those who oppose these things with suspicion and sometimes with derision.” 

Patrick-Goudreau is an acclaimed speaker and host of several podcasts discussing the culinary, social, ethical and practical aspects of a vegan lifestyle. She’s also the author of several books exploring the health benefits of a plant-based diet.

”We don’t have diseases of deficiency; we have diseases of excess,” she said, before asking the audience if anyone had scurvy or rickets. Those gathered in the auditorium of the Sedona Performing Arts Center laughed.

On the other hand, when discussing high blood pressure and diabetes, most of the audience members indicated that they knew someone with the condition.”


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