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Definition: Vegan

“Can you eat this?” “Are you allowed to eat that?” Can you eat bread?” These are some of the common questions non-vegetarians ask vegans, and here’s the short answer: We can eat whatever we want. We’re “allowed” to have whatever we want. Nobody’s stopping us. It’s not illegal. We don’t follow a set of dietary laws, and we are technically quite capable. It’s not a matter of not being “able to,” it’s not a matter of “can” and “cannot.” It’s a matter of not WANTING to. Being vegan is not about restriction. Or limitation. Or rules. Or doctrine. We’re not forbidden to eat animals. we don’t WANT to eat animals. It’s a choice – and a powerful choice that has the potential to heal the entire planet. Yes, I said it. Join me today as I define what it means to be vegan and why we should be thankful to the late Donald Watson for coining the word “vegan” and sparing us the title of “vitan,” “benevore,” or “sanivore.” (And for the record, we eat bread.)

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