featured image LOVES Animalogy Podcast!

Imagine my delight when I saw that had tagged me on Twitter to let me know they had included ANIMALOGY PODCAST in their list of 10 Best Podcasts About Language:

“You’ve got to admire Animalogy’s sole dedication to animal-related words. Host Colleen Patrick-Goudreau shows the true meaning of words you think have to do with animals (piggyback) and words you had no idea were of critter origin (berserk).”

If you agree with, be sure to subscribe to Animalogy today, please leave a rating and review on iTunes, and support its research and production! Also, here’s a bonus tidbit based on a new episode I’m writing: 

The word GARBAGE is an ANIMALOGY! That is, its etymology has to do with animals — in this case: dead ones. The exact origins of “garbage” are unknown, but this Middle English word originally referred to “offal,” as in “the bowels and body parts of a butchered animal often considered inedible by humans.” 

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