Online Vegan Cooking Classes

The classes are fun, interactive, and live in real-time! This means, I see you, you see all the other participants, and you see me cooking in my Oakland kitchen and answering your questions. With my multi-camera set-up, you can watch the class with a split screen: me talking on one side and the food demonstration on the other. What’s more: you receive all the recipes in advance of the class and a video recording of the class after it’s over. If you cook along with me, just have everything prepped in advance!

Past classes include Air Fryer, Homemade & Zero Waste, Mexican Cuisine, Whole Plant Foods, Treat-Yourself Treats, Breakfast and Brunch, Mother’s Day, Eat by Color, and more. What would you like?

(A portion of the proceeds supports animal organizations struggling at this time. Past recipients have included Yggdrasil Urban Wildlife Rescue, PALS East Bay, and Planting Justice.)

3-Class Packages for Cooking Classes Now Available!

Many participants register for every class, so now I’m making it easier to do so — along with a discount! Purchase the package, then when you know which class you’d like to join (visit for the schedule), just drop me a line at

Perfect Homemade Pizza II (August 9th, 11 a.m. PT)

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*recipes are subject to change due to availability of ingredients

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Afternoon Tea (Scones) Online Vegan Cooking Class (September 6th, 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. PT)

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*recipes are subject to change due to availability of ingredients

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*recipes are subject to change due to availability of ingredients

Afternoon Tea (Sandwiches) Online Vegan Cooking Class (September 27th, 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. PT)

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*recipes are subject to change due to availability of ingredients

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Joy of Vegan Baking (Chocolate) Online Cooking Class (October 11th 11 a.m. PT)

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*recipes are subject to change due to availability of ingredients

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What Class Attendees Are Saying


"Such a great class Colleen. What I loved about it most was coming away with a new skill. You’re a great innovator and teacher; looking forward to more learning from you soon."


"I really enjoyed the opportunity to watch Colleen cook and interact with her live on Zoom! I prefer to watch instead of cooking along live so I can take it all in (I’m not the best multitasker!), and then cook later taking my time. The class was perfect - I could relax and enjoy the class while interacting with Colleen, and then cook from the recipes and/or the recorded video of the class later with more confidence. I’m hooked and look forward to doing the next one!"


"I have been following Colleen's work for many years now. I used to live in a place where I was the only vegan I knew besides my partner and it was a real struggle. Colleen's podcast and books helped me feel supported in every way. Now, at this most unprecedented time, the start of these online cooking classes is yet another innovative, creative, and important way Colleen continues her work for the animals and her support for all of us! I really appreciated learning tips, tricks, and new recipes! Most of all, it was awesome to be able to interact and ask questions. I am very grateful for the opportunity to benefit from more of Colleen's work! Thank you Thank you Thank you!"


"I love Colleen's classes. They are so much fun and interactive. Colleen's decades of vegan cooking and entertaining come through in her classes. I always learn something new. I wished I could have taken her in-person classes years ago, and lo and behold she started teaching online classes! (I also love that David is teaching cocktail recipes!)"


"Thank you so much for all your inspiration through your books, your podcast, your cooking classes and all the other work you do everyday in the name of compassion and wellness. It truly truly does make a difference and is so much appreciated!"


"I really enjoy the fun of the cooking class, the great tips and alternative ingredients, method etc. It's great to see Colleen as well as inside the bowl and what it should look like. It's a fun way to spend an hour getting great recipes in a relaxed way — much better than just following a recipe and puzzling over if you're doing it right! Everyone is so friendly too; it's like a group meeting up in your own home."


"The vegan sausage "changed my life"! The sausages are so easy to prepare and delicious. I've made them twice since the class and try different seasonings each time. I can have the flavors I want and not pay pre-made prices!"


"Colleen is a wonderful teacher, activist, and inspiration. I highly recommend all her books and her online cooking classes!"


"Colleen's classes are so much fun, and I learn something new each time! You can ask questions, comment, cook alongside from your own kitchen. The recipes are fabulous that you will want to make again and again!"


"Not only are the classes fun and you get to connect with Colleen and other like-minded individuals, they take the mystique out of cooking vegan dishes and that makes it seem like something even a novice like me can do!"


"The class was fabulous and the dishes were delicious. Colleen and her husband David have mastered a nice balance of professional and playful. I look forward to taking another class in the future."


"Colleen's classes are fun, engaging, and educational! She is so inspiring. I smile the whole time!"


"I really enjoy these fun, interactive cooking classes. It is nice to interact with like-minded people and there are always thoughtful questions and answers. A good way to spend an hour on a weekend!"


"I haven't missed a class yet. I learn something new every single time, and I love connecting with Colleen and other class participants."

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