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I’ve been producing my Food for Thought™ podcast for over 14 years. Addressing all aspects of living healthfully and compassionately, it is available through iTunes, Stitcher, or Soundcloud, where you can also download the individual mp3 files directly. Subscribe using your favorite player or through the RSS feed.

Can you be compassionate to someone who is not compassionate?
Suggestions for making this Thanksgiving extra special and creating the best food, beverages, decor, and atmosphere.
Movies that are perfect for Halloween with an animal theme? Leave it to me to find them! Grab some popcorn, and listen to this podcast episode.
Join me for this extended episode as I tackle the excuses and the reasons behind ex-vegans and the assertions made by vegans who "just don't understand" how vegans can stop being vegan.
Join me on this fun journey through gardens, fields, and forests as we discover plants, trees, flowers, and fungi named after animals.
The Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lock-down have added stress and strain to our bodies, hearts, and minds. Listen to this episode for ideas for staying healthy physically, emotionally, and mentally...
Is it possible to reduce our plastic consumption when we're in the middle of a deadly pandemic? Can we still aspire to be low-waste?
How do we cope with the stress and distress of living in a pandemic, being socially isolated, and navigating heightened tensions? Listen to this podcast for some tips.
The power of voting can be measured by the efforts to suppress, limit, and restrict it. Listen to today's episode for a little lesson from history.
A fascinating new episode all about words with animal flesh and fluids at their roots both actually AND etymologically.
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