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I’ve been producing my Food for Thought podcast for almost 14 years. Addressing all aspects of living healthfully and compassionately, it is available through iTunes, Stitcher, or Soundcloud, where you can also download the individual mp3 files directly. Subscribe using your favorite player or through the RSS feed.

My plastic-free, zero-waste, low-packaging, vegan adventure!
When is a banana not simply a banana? What is the weird way I eat popcorn? Find out in this episode!
Lessons and gifts are all we get in this life, and that's a good thing.
Asking people in October to not eat turkeys in too late.
Why telling people to "Go Vegan" backfires.
Someone told me I was "drinking the Kool-Aid" seeing gorillas in the wild. Was she right?
Filty Pig, Sloppy Pig, Stupid Pig...Peace for Pigs
Compassion isn’t compassion unless it is felt for everyone — the guilty and the non-guilty, the kind and the unkind, the good and the evil...
Are Avocados, Almonds, and Figs Vegan? They're plants, right?
Travel with me to France — vegan-style!
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