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Good Day TV Segments: Vegan Meringue and Animal-Related Words

Thanks to TV host Bethany Crouch at Good Day Sacramento, I visit the studios monthly to share my message of compassion and wellness.

With the launch of Animalogy Podcast, it was an opportunity to talk about animal-related words and expressions; and in light of the hundreds of millions of hens used and killed for the egg industry, it was an opportunity to highlight how to use aquafaba, the magic bean water everyone is talking about, to make meringue in general (and meringue cookies in particular). 

Segment One: Animal-Related Words

Segment Two: Egg-Free Meringue

  • Chicken lover

    I saw you on Good Day Sacramento this morning and I can’t believe you said chickens are killed for their eggs!! That is so wrong. If the chicken is dead, there are NO eggs. Chickens lay eggs several times each week, but only when they are alive. Please don’t spread misinformation. Chickens are not hurt by anyone collecting or eating the eggs.

    • Hens raised in the egg industry for their eggs are killed when they’re no longer “profitable” to the industry. There is no such thing as a slaughter-free animal ag system. Does every person who has “backyard hens” kill them when they’re no longer “productive”? No. But 98% of the eggs people eat / buy are from animal factories. And so I stand by my statement. It is not misinformation. Chickens, unfortunately, are harmed, hurt, and killed for their eggs.

      • Rhonda Dunlap

        I would add that the harm caused to chickens in the egg industry is the horrendous living conditions that these birds are subjected too. For decades they have been crammed into battery cages with no room to move and stacked cages on top of one another so that these birds are continuously peed and pooed on. Most chickens are kept in hen houses that humans must wear masks to breathe in because of the strong odor of ammonia that permeates the living quarters of chickens.

        In addition, baby female chickens have their beaks cut off so they will not peck at the other chickens in their close confinements. The male chicks are discarded like trash. The billions of chickens raised for their eggs or meat do not get to live like a free bird caring for their baby chicks.

        There is no need for humans to eat eggs. The average egg contains 185mg of cholesterol. Colleen is trying to educate people to wake up and realize this abuse is unnecessary for our survival.

  • Gabby

    These look delicious!! I can’t wait to try making them! Thank you for sharing ❤

  • Donna Marino

    Thank you for educating people about the horrors of the egg industry. Eggs are not a cruelty free food!

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