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“If the World Went Vegan, We Would be Overrun with Animals” and Other Hypotheticals

“What would happen to all the animals if we stopped eating them? Wouldn’t we be overrun with cows and pigs and chickens if we stopped?” “If everyone stopped eating these animals, they would go extinct. Is that what you want, Ms. Vegan and Mr. Vegan? You don’t care if these animals go extinct??” Join me today as I address these questions. 

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  • Sylvia H

    Dear Colleen

    Thanks for a great episode! I get asked this question and posed these hypotheticals a lot and I’ve not been able to as eloquently counter them but I feel better armed now!

    I have a question about what’s next though, because I am thinking that if I ever manage to get a non-vegan to see the sense in this counter argument, that their next question will be about what jobs all the people who worked in the animal agriculture business will do if everyone was vegan.

    I realise that this too is hypothetical as the world is never going to go vegan all at once in the blink of an eye, so people won’t just be without a job all at once. I also realise that the same workers can work on produce farms. However I just do think there will be as many jobs, and, I also think that produce farming itself is contributing greatly to the devastation of the planet (albeit not as much as anima agriculture is). Perhaps people can help with re-wilding the pastures, help conserve the wild already there!?

    I’m not so sure this is feasible for everyone to be employed as, also, if people are going to have lower mortality rates due to their better diets, then we will have more people, so more need for jobs, and also and more need for produce farming – hence perhaps less land available for re-wilding that is currently imagined.

    I’m just playing devils advocate here because I expect to be challenged in this way when I counter the former hypothetical arguments by non-vegans. I firmly believe in animal liberation and am a committed vegan, for the animals. I just hope that someone out there has perhaps thought about this follow-up question and that perhaps even some studies have been performed to figure out what is the most likely to happen.

    Thanks again and best regards!

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