Meat, Dairy, and Eggs Are Products of Privilege

Meat, dairy and eggs have always been products of privilege and symbols of affluence, affordable only by the wealthy and denied to the poor. Health-wise that’s good! In less affluent populations where meat is be served in small portions and they eat mostly plant foods, they don’t suffer from what experts call “diseases of affluence” (atherosclerosis, cancer, diabetes). The richer the country, the more animal products they eat, the more prevalent these diseases.

Even with government subsidies keeping animal products artificially cheap, whole plant foods are still more affordable than animal products. Convenience foods are more expensive whether they’re vegan or not vegan because you’re paying for convenience.

It’s only because of factory farming and government subsidies that most people can afford to eat every day what are – in fact – very expensive things to produce, and for this cheap “food” we’re paying huge costs — in terms of our health, the Earth, the animals.

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