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Nothing is Less Nutritious Than No Vegetables

You know you’re supposed to eat more vegetables and fruit. So, with good intentions for eating healthier, you buy them.

But after a few days of not being eaten, said fruits and vegetables break down and wind up in the compost bin rather than in your belly. My advice? EAT the produce you buy and stop treating your refrigerator like a storage unit.

Fine, you say, but you didn’t eat them because you just don’t have time to chop vegetables. My advice? Yes, you do. You’re just not using the time you have to chop vegetables. So make time. But if you don’t like that advice. Try this: chop some of the veggies before putting them in the fridge. Or, on occasions when you’d rather spend your money rather than your time, pay a little more for vegetables chopped in advance.

Fine, you say…but you heard that vegetables chopped in advance lose their enzymes or nutrients or something like that. Not only is that not really true, but here’s the bottom line: VEGETABLES CHOPPED IN ADVANCE HAVE MORE NUTRIENTS THAN NO VEGETABLES AT ALL.

We have the potential to be our own best advocates, but instead we make excuses and sabotage our ourselves, becoming our worst enemies.

Are there any excuses you make that you’re willing to let go of? Be honest. What are you willing to do to have the life and health you dream of?

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