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Our online vegan cooking classes are fun, interactive, and live in real-time! This means, I see you, you see all the other participants, and you see me cooking in my Oakland kitchen and answering your questions. What’s more: you receive all the recipes in advance of the class and a video recording of the class after it’s over. If you cook along with me, just have everything prepped in advance!


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Upcoming Live Classes

Join me live in real time for my fun, interactive classes where you can ask questions while I teach — and even cook along if you like.

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On-Demand Classes

Choose from my library of on-demand classes! You get a video recording of our live class, along with delicious plant-based recipes.

Get your delicious, nutritious, plant-based sandwich recipes, including: Homemade Coconut Bacon Bacon, Lettuce, & Tomato Sandwich "Sloppy Col" on a
Featuring dishes you can enjoy anytime but with an aphrodisiac flair for Valentine's Day! IN THIS CLASS, WE WILL FEATURE:
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Spices and Herbs: Learning how to use herbs and spices is fundamental to
While I do encourage people to spend more than 15 minutes in the kitchen each day preparing healthful, nourishing meals
Just because you didn't attend the live class for Christmas/Holiday Cookies doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy our fun class and
Looking for the perfect gift for your favorite person? Whether they're vegan or not, your recipient will LOVE the time
Nothing like gifts that also taste delicious!
Anything they can do we can do vegan! Can you say VEGAN MOZZARELLA STICKS?? Get them here!
Thanksgiving is all about the autumn harvest. Enjoy these delicious meat-free recipes for a special holiday meal.
Just because you didn't attend the live class for Homemade Seitan doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy our fun class and
Just because you didn't attend the live class for Soups & Stews for Chilly Nights (!) doesn’t mean you can’t
Just because you couldn’t attend the live online cooking class for Afternoon Tea Sandwiches doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy these
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