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After reading about the detrimental effects of meat consumption in 2010, going vegan was not hard for me, but explaining why I did can still be challenging. Finding the right words and effective approaches to speak your truth is a skill that I learned through Colleen’s many podcasts, in which she addresses every aspect of veganism. Although I am nowhere nearly expressing myself as eloquently as she does, I developed my own style and learned not to expect any outcome from my speaking the truth. I still go back to earlier podcasts on specific subjects and wait impatiently for new episodes to air. It’s like listening to a good friend and being understood without having to say anything. Colleen is not only a great speaker on behalf of the animals but also an excellent guide to make the transition to a vegan diet healthily, deliciously and happily, which is why I got 3 copies of her “30 Day Vegan Challenge” as a reference to give to interested people.

Thank you so much Colleen for all the years you accompanied my journey and making this world a more compassionate place!

Jennifer and Ben Ellis

“My husband and I are more than happy to support Colleen because it’s essential to us that she keeps her podcasts and online content free to the public.  It makes so much of her important work accessible to anyone who might want to learn more about veganism. I can think of no better guide than Colleen for someone starting out on their new path of compassion.  As someone who doesn’t enjoy confrontation myself, CPG’s exceptionally thoughtful approach and positive outlook helped me to navigate the sometimes uncomfortable situations a new vegan might encounter with friends, family and colleagues. Colleen’s practice of “planting seeds” has been invaluable to me and has taken the stress of helping fellow animal lovers to “see the light” off of my shoulders. And for this, I’m eternally grateful. (We’re also very grateful for her many delicious recipes.) :)”

Michal Stone

David Cabrera & Alexander Gray

“Reflecting on you and your work, I’m finding myself overcome with gratitude for your leadership, your teachings, your communication, and your impact. You have changed the course of my life, my life with David, my life in the world. My life is now blessed with a higher consciousness thanks to my awareness of compassionate food choices. Without your voice, your words, your message, and your rationality, I would not have found this path.” Love, Alex

Cherie Long

“I stopped eating animals right after I graduated in 1990 because I didn’t want them to die just so I could eat some tacos or a hamburger. I attempted to go vegan a few times around 2010, but wasn’t successful. I came across Colleen’s 30-Day Vegan Challenge in 2013 and knew within the first week that I would never go back to dairy or eggs. She gave me the tools and knowledge I needed to be successful. But more importantly, her program and podcasts gave me confidence and emotional support, and I never felt alone on my journey. I am happier and healthier now than I’ve ever been. Thank you Colleen!!”

David Bucca

I honestly think I’ve cracked the meaning of life: To be the best we can be. Why? To maximize our capacity to leave the world in a better state than when we entered it – for if that’s not our sole responsibility, what is? Part of how this translates for me is knowing more about the world today than I knew yesterday and lessening the suffering of others wherever possible – in particular, for those who need it most. I found myself in some kind of transcendental wormhole when listening to Colleen’s podcasts; honestly, everything just suddenly snapped into place and crystalized before me as it has for thousands of others. Her message, spirit and ability to connect with people is so mesmerizing and unique, a gifted voice of truth and compassion.

JFK once stated “Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought”. Suddenly it was clear: Ethical choices leads to ethical industries. Ethical industries leads to ethical policies. Ethical policies leads to ethical opportunities. And ethical lives inspire ethical lives.

In an adaptation from Sir Isaac Newton’s quote “If I can see further it is by standing on the shoulders of CPG.” Thanks, Colleen 🙂

Liv Larsen

“A little over a year ago I discovered Colleen’s podcast, “Food for Thought” and after a couple of months, I had devoured all 10 years’ worth of life changing (literally!) and educational episodes.  Completely inspired and ready for the journey, I went vegan on New Year’s Day of 2016 and have not looked back since.  Colleen, through her compassionate and intelligent delivery, has opened my eyes and my heart to the compassion that was already inside of me, too and I will be eternally grateful to her for that.  I’m so excited for her new podcast, “Animalogy” to launch and I hope that more and more people will discover her and her work as I was so fortunate to do.” 

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