Press + Published Articles
Selected Written Commentaries

“Consumers Aren’t Stupid”, The Economist, January 2018

“Is Animal Research Ever Ethical?”, New York Times, September 2016

“Close the Zoos”, East Bay Times, August 2016

“Livestock industry hinders California’s water conservation”, East Bay Times, July 2016

“For the Horses”, New York Times Letter, May 2016

Selected Radio Commentaries

Animal Talk,” KQED Radio, May 2019 

“I’m an Animal Advocate and I have Hope”, KQED Radio, September 2018

“From Consumer to Owner: A Zero-Waste Mindset”, KQED Radio, July 2018

“Animals are Residents, Not Intruders”, KQED Radio, November 2017

“Animals in our Bones”, KQED Radio, April 2017

“Being Bullied Informs my Animal Advocacy”, KQED Radio, March 2017

“The Faith of a Tragic Figure”, KQED Radio, February 2017

“An Inauguration for the Birds”,  KQED Radio, January 2017

“Of Cats and Dogs”, KQED Radio, December 2016

“One Good Knife”, KQED Radio, September 2016

“The Lives of Others”, KQED Radio, August 2016

“Compassion on a Plate”, KQED Radio, June 2016

“Love Food”, KQED Radio, February 2016

“You Animal”, KQED Radio, March 2016

“Eat Your Vegetables”, KQED Radio, January 2016

“Compassion”, KQED Radio, December 2015

“Facing Forward”, KQED Radio, September 2015

“Animal Abuse, Then and Now”, KQED Radio, July 2015

“The Problem with Mom isn’t Mom”, KQED Radio, May 2015 

“Hearts vs. Taste Buds”, KQED Radio, April 2015

“Slaughterhouse”, KQED Radio, April 2015

“Tour de California”, KQED Radio

“Thanksgiving Without the Turkey”, KQED Radio

“A Turkey’s Dream Thanksgiving”, KQED Radio, November 2014

“Meat, Milk and Butter for Vegans”, KQED Radio, July 2014

“Coming Home”, KQED Radio

“Urban Livestock”, KQED Radio, July 2011

“Food Rainbow”, KQED Radio, September 2010

Selected Written Interviews

“It’s Always Been About Compassion”, Barefoot Magazine, September 2018

““How to Serve Aphrodisiac Foods”, US News, February 2013

“Backyard Slaughter”, CBS

Selected TV, Radio, and Podcast Interviews

Joyful Vegan, Vegan Danielle Podcast, June 2019

Zero-Waste and Plant-Based, The Plant-Powered People Podcast, December 2018

“Vegan Vernacular”, Earth to Us Podcast, March 2018

“Animalogy with Colleen Patrick-Goudreau”, That Vegan Couple Podcast

“Turkeys Off the Menu”, Huffington Post

“Food for Thought and Animalogy: Vegan Compassion in Action”, Pawprint Podcast, May 2017

“Colleen Patrick-Goudreau & JL Fields”, Main Street Vegan Podcast, May 2017

“Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, author-podcaster-speaker”, Talking Animals Radio with Duncan Strauss, April 2017

“Backyard Slaughter”, CBS News

“Reading Labels”, CBS Good Day Sacramento

“Eating Affordably”, CBS Good Day Sacramento

“Good Day Sacramento Takes on the Vegan Challenge”, CBS Good Day Sacramento

“Cooking: Summer Vegan Grilling”, FOX TV, August 2016

“Vegan Cooking for Mother’s Day”, FOX TV, May 2016

“Vegan Eggs”, FOX TV, May 2016

“Better Than Tuna Salad”, FOX TV, January 2016

“Massaged Kale Salad with Goddess Dressing”, FOX TV, April 2015

“Grandma’s Cookie Swap”, FOX TV

“Colleen Patrick-Goudreau”, KQED Radio’s Forum with Michael Krasny

“The Sexy Vegan Interviews Colleen”, The Sexy Vegan Radio with Brian Patton

“Vegan Aphrodisiacs”, FOX TV, February 2015

“Coconut Bacon + Apple Breakfast Cake”, FOX TV, January 2015

“Vegan BBQ with Bobby Flay”, Food Network

Selected Featured Articles

“Eight women who are changing the world for animals through food”, Female First, June 2019

“Our 20 Favorite Eco-Friendly Influencers You Need To Know About”, Skinny Fit, April 2018

“10 Best Podcasts about Language,”, March 2018

“How The Travel Industry Is Responding To The Rising Demand For Vegan Vacations,” Forbes, February 2018


“The 30-Day Vegan Challenge Book Review”, Publisher’s Weekly, March 2015

“7 Vegan Aphrodisiacs”, Rodale’s Organic Life, February 2013.

“An edible rainbow”, Chicago Tribune, October 2012

“Italy’s Frutta Heaven”, The Christian Science Monitor, June 2011.

Selected Speeches

“Vegan Myths, Nutrients, & Giving up Cheese”, Chicago Vegan Mania, October 2015

“From Excuse-itarian to Vegan”, Conscious Eating Conference, June 2014

“Vegan Excuses and Myths”, SF Vegfest, March 2014

“From Excuse-itarian to Vegan”, World Vegetarian Festival, October 2011

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