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The Healing Power of Cooking

“These classes have been a balm during this very difficult time,” wrote a recent class participant.

I couldn’t agree more. It’s been incredibly healing for me to focus on food and cooking at this time — one of the most fundamental ways we nurture  ourselves and each other.

And it’s been a gift to share that with you. Thank you for creating the space and opportunity for me to do so. This past week’s pizza class saw 40 people from all around the world — from California to Florida, from the UK to Dubai! 

The Mexican-Inspired Cuisine cooking class coming up Sunday on June 14th promises to be just as large as we already have lots of sign-ups, and the variety of color of our featured dishes is going to make you plotz!

  • Sweet Potato Tacos
  • Peach (or Nectarine) Salsa
  • Mexican Horchata

*recipes are subject to change due to availability of ingredients

Register today!

The recipient of this week’s online cooking class donation will be Planting Justice. They employ teams of gardeners and landscapers who plant edible permaculture gardens in the Bay Area, encouraging people to grow their own food. They teach landscaping skills to people in prison, and then after release hire them to work as gardeners and pay them a living wage.

When I talked to the founder today and told her I’d be donating to her from the class proceeds, I told her the menu, and she said she had JUST made Potato Tacos for lunch today! 

How funny is that!? Anyway, looking forward to seeing you soon!


“Such a great class Colleen. What I loved about it most was coming away with a new skill. You’re a great innovator and teacher; looking forward to more learning from you soon.”

“I love Colleen’s classes. They are so much fun and interactive. Colleen’s decades of vegan cooking and entertaining come through in her classes. I always learn something new.”

“It was such an honor and a thrill to meet Colleen online. Also, even with participants from all over the world, I was able to connect with a woman from my neighboring small town of Sequim WA. This was such a wonderful surprise!”

“Fun and interactive. Can’t wait to take another class!”

“Colleen is a wonderful teacher, activist, and inspiration. I highly recommend all her books and her online cooking classes!”

“Colleen’s classes are so much fun, and I learn something new each time! You can ask questions, comment, cook alongside from your own kitchen. The recipes are fabulous that you will want to make again and again!”

“Not only are the classes fun and you get to connect with Colleen and other like-minded individuals, they take the mystique out of cooking vegan dishes and that makes it seem like something even a novice like me can do!”

See you Sunday!

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