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Best Vegan Backpack Ever!


I’m not a girlie girl. I don’t like purses or clutches or anything that feels fussy. I like cross-body bags and backpacks, but the cross-body bags I was wearing started hurting my shoulder, so it was time to return to backpacks.

I have a very practical one from REI I like a lot, but it’s a little too casual for every occasion, so before I left for our Vegan Paris / Alsace group trip in December, I started shopping for a vegan leather backpack that was stylish as well as functional. I couldn’t find anything I liked and didn’t want to risk paying for something online that would be expensive to ship back. Alas, I ventured to Europe with my cotton backpack and figured I’d keep looking another time. (I hate shopping.)

One of the features of our Vegan Paris / Alsace Trip is a vegan / food walking tour in the Marais region of Paris, and as our lovely guide told us about the history, walked us around, and pointed out various relevant sites, she casually called our attention to a vegan leather bag shop as we walked past it. Well, far be it from vegans to pass up such a shop, so we all doubled back to see if it was open. It was closed. As we pressed our faces against the glass peering into the minimalist shop, the owner sat at his desk peering back probably wondering who this hoard of nosey Americans were. He was kind enough (and lucky enough) to open his doors for us, and it was heaven…especially for me.

This wasn’t simply a vegan leather bag shop. It was a family-owned shop that specializes in one brilliant product: a vegan leather BACKPACK — that comes in 3 different sizes and 11 different colors. I couldn’t believe it. The vegan gods had smiled upon me. The bag is stylish, functional, and designed for security. (The zipper closure is hidden when closed so pickpockets can’t pick!) It’s even won awards for this design!

Truly, everything I wanted in a backpack is in this bag. It’s very stylish, very comfortable (it fits like a vest so the weight is equally distributed all over the back), lightweight, waterproof, and large enough to fit a laptop (and I got the small size!). They’re also unisex and very reasonably priced. (Less than some well-known vegan leather brands in the U.S.) PLUS, they sell beautiful wallets, too, which I also needed!

The most difficult part was choosing a color. I picked a neutral dark gray color, and 4 other of our travelers bought their own: in taupe, black, teal, and mustard, the latter of which I’m still coveting and plan on buying! I could wait until our 2019 Vegan Paris / Alsace Trip (and you could join us and get yours in person) OR you can go to and buy your own! Use the coupon code joyfulvegan for your 20% discount!!!

We were so thrilled to happen upon this shop, and it’s the kind of thing you experience only when you venture out in the world. (Join us on an upcoming vegan trip!) The owner couldn’t be lovelier — the name Arsayo is a combination of the names of his three children. I’m so grateful to him for creating such beautiful, humane, stylish, functional bags! 

Remember, use joyfulvegan as the coupon code for 20% off at!

What do you think? What color do you want?

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