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Why Are Vegans So Fussy (and Weak)?

FOX News anchor asks why vegans are so fussy (and weak). I answer.

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FOX News Asks About Veganism. I Answer.

FOX News asks about veganism. I answer.

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Vegan Travel // More Trips in 2019!

The demand for our vegan trips is so high, we added more!

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Vegan + Zero Waste // Tips for Living with Cats Plastic-Free

How to be zero waste and care for cats, whether we're talking about toys, litter, or food.

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Best Vegan Travel: 10 Reasons Why

Watch David and I talk about what makes these trips so special, then visit and SECURE YOUR SPOT!!

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Vegan Travel with Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

Traveling with purpose is what CPG Vegan Trips are all about: ANIMAL PROTECTION, VEGAN FOOD, LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE, and JOY.

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Do Vegans Care More About Animals Than Humans? | Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

Have you ever heard people ask: "Why care about animal issues when there is so much human suffering?"

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Why Do We Eat Turkeys for Thanksgiving?

Vegetarians and vegans often hear that we're not honoring Thanksgiving by not eating turkeys. That's one point of view. Here's my point of view.

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Vegan Travel: Vietnam

Living compassionately doesn’t mean deprivation. Traveling with us is all about abundance, animals, joy, connections, and compassion. AND you won’t lose your ...

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Can You Be 100% Vegan? (SPOILER: Yes)

Some people say it’s impossible to be “100% vegan” or a “true vegan” because it’s too difficult to avoid causing suffering to animals....

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