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Zero Waste: It Ain’t About Recycling

In this first episode about my zero waste journey, I share the principles that have absolutely changed my thinking and way of living. Zero Waste is not simply about my making YouTube videos about how to make zero-waste almond milk (though I will do that!), it’s a way of thinking that profoundly changes our approach to resources and production, going beyond “waste diversion” and striving to ensure that products are designed to be repaired, refurbished, re-manufactured and reused, creating a circular economy rather than a linear economy of “make, use, dispose.” What you will learn in this episode is that Zero Waste is not about recycling. Recycling IS waste. Have I blown your mind yet?

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Resources Mentioned in This Podcast Episode

Getting to Zero Waste by Paul Palmer — it may look dated and feel technical, but there are so many gems in this book that have altered my thinking (which was his aim) that I highly recommend it

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